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Clinical Research and Product Development

At Meagan Medical we strive to find ways to manage and control pain by leveraging our key intellectual property in electrical stimulation therapy.

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Exceptional Products and Ideas



Dynamic Interferential Spinal Cord Stimulator System

  • Meagan Medical has started product development on one of the most significant advances in spinal cord stimulation product history.  Meagan Medical has over twenty years of experience in the design, development and clinical use of interferential current (IFC) stimulation products. We believe that IFC’s medium frequency range of 500-20,000 Hz, in two intersecting currents, which combine to reduce tissue reactance and produce a deeper stimulation field could result in more effective pain relief than standard low frequency spinal cord stimulation and other high frequency SCS systems.

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Cutaneous Field Stimulation

Cutaneous Field Stimulation (CFS) is a novel form of electrotherapy to manage pain. CFS can provide 3-6 hours of pain relief following a 30 minute treatment. The action of CFS is achieved by stimulating specific types of nerve fibers, leveraging the nervous system anatomy, to essentially divert the brain’s attention from the signal of chronic pain. The result is a reproducible, longer duration of pain relief. This therapy is envisioned as a cost effective adjunct to comprehensive pain management program to improve patient quality of life and reduce overall health care costs. It is reasonable to predict that improved pain control will foster increased activity and the associated strengthening which results from increased activity should provide long lasting functional improvement as well.

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